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Thanks for your interest

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We’re so confident you’ll love the Central Deborah Gold Mine, Bendigo Tramways and Bendigo Joss House Temple that we’ve got 20 FREE family passes available for teachers to try out our attractions. They’re available to use over the next 12 months.

There’s absolutely no obligation to book your excursion, so enjoy a visit, on us. We’re sure you’ll love your time with us so much that you’ll want to bring your class back.

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Central Deborah Gold Mine

Climbing ladders underground at Central Deborah Gold Mine

Central Deborah Gold Mine is Australia’s premier underground tourist mine experience. Telling the story of Australia’s richest Goldfield.

Visit the Central Deborah website

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Bendigo Joss House Temple

Bendigo Joss House Temple

At the Bendigo Joss House you can discover more about the Chinese migrants who came to Bendigo in search of gold so long ago.

Visit the Joss House website

Attention Grade 5 and 6 teachers!

Attention Grade 5 and 6 teachers!

Have you been going on the same school excursions year after year? It’s time to try something new ... Bendigo offers an array of educational experiences that will capture the imagination of your students, and it’s only two hours from Melbourne.

We understand that you’re time poor and arranging the same excursion each year can be a stress-free option, and it’s easy to stay in Melbourne. It can be difficult to organise new excursions due to the paperwork and compliance requirements and on top of that, you need to find educational experiences that are relevant to the curriculum.

But this means that you may be missing out on experiences that enhance the critical thinking and historical empathy of your students, and is a lost opportunity to explore a town with authentic heritage-listed sites that actively share the history of Australia.

At Bendigo Heritage Attractions we offer tailored school excursions across three outstanding sites; Central Deborah Gold Mine, Bendigo Tramways, and the Bendigo Joss House Temple, all of which cover the VELS curriculum of Australian Colonies for years 5 and 6.


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We do the hard work for a great student experience

  • We have a full-time Bookings Coordinator on staff to help build your perfect itinerary. We can even coordinate your visit to other iconic attractions within Bendigo. We plan the excursion for you, saving you time and effort, which means it’s ready to book now.
  • Our excursions meet required learning objectives, so you don’t need to worry, the hard work has been done for you.
  • All of the documentation that you require to get your excursion approved is on our website and easily accessible, saving you time in the planning phase. This means there is none of the hair-pulling normally associated with instigating a new excursion.
  • School excursions with Bendigo Heritage Attractions are exciting and different. Our engaging tour guides keep your students interested, so you can relax knowing that your class will talk about their excursion to Bendigo for months to come.
  • Bendigo offers a range of experiences in close proximity, so you can tick off many learning objectives with 1, 2 or 3 day excursions, which means that you’ll save time while providing excellent learning opportunities.
  • We offer group rates, free access for teachers at a 1:10 ratio and package deals, so it’s a cost-effective option.

Why we’re qualified to create top quality experiences

Having operated for over 40 years, we have become renowned for providing top quality educational experiences and offer mapped learning objectives, suggested itineraries, planning services, food options, accessibility, as well as safety and risk management.

  • We are accredited as a Quality Tourism Business by the Australian Tourism Industry Council.
  • Our tour guides are fully trained, with a range of specialised expertise in areas such as geology, mining and history which allows us to tailor the tours to the individual needs of your group.   
  • Central Deborah Gold Mine and Bendigo Tramways have both been inducted into the Victorian Tourism Awards Hall of Fame for excellence in Cultural Tourism.
  • Bendigo Tramways was named Australia’s 2016 Cultural Tourism Attraction of the Year.
  • Central Deborah Gold Mine is rated as Bendigo’s No.1 attraction on TripAdvisor.
  • All of our attractions are authentic sites which are of historical significance on a national scale, and not simply recreational experiences.

What people are saying about us

“Took about 50 Grade 6 students for an excursion. All staff at the Central Deborah Gold Mine ensured it was a fun, interesting and informative session. Thank-you to all for looking after our group”

“Do it ..... it’s a must! Well organised with a top guide. Very educational and a lot of fun panning for gold and climbing the tower. Great history and interesting for all ages.”

“Great Experience for kids - the guides are excellent! At the end of the day a mine is a mine, but what makes this different and the reason why you should go is the people they have employed. The guides around the mine are friendly and informative, the front desk is efficient. Our guide Nathan was excellent and made the tour something we will not forget. He was great with the kids. To be able to keep the attention of kids in an underground place (with no mobile reception!), you need to be interesting and engaging...and he was! thanks Nathan for your enthusiasm and making our kids feel special! Overall the tour was interesting and well organised.”

“Christina was our guide for the mine experience. She was really brilliant. She explained things clearly, and really brought the mine to life and helped us understand both the good and bad of gold mining. Her explanations were clear and interesting for kids, but not dumbed down to make it boring for adults: it was perfectly pitched for everyone. She made it fun, interesting and educational. She demonstrated how machinery worked - actually turning on some of the mining equipment - so that we could understand what it would have been like to work down there.”

Here’s what you get …

When you book a school excursion package with Bendigo Heritage Attractions, you get:

  • A planning session with our Bookings Coordinator to create a tailored itinerary for your next school excursion, including costings.
  • We can book other Bendigo based venues for you.
  • Access to historically significant and authentic sites, it’s like visiting a living museum.
  • The ability to break larger groups down into smaller, more intimate learning groups.
  • Free access for teachers at a 1:10 ratio.
  • Package deals.
  • Passionate and knowledgeable tour guides whose mission is to educate, inspire and engage your students.
  • All documentation readily available on our website (E.g. Risk Assessments, Public Liability and Site Plans).
  • Tours aligned to the VELS history curriculum for years 5 and 6.

Prices will vary depending on your requirements, but it’s free to chat to our Bookings Coordinator or lodge an expression of interest.

Download your free sample single day itinerary and discover how our tours map to the VELS curriculum NOW!


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You also get this … no catch

  • Free pass to all three attractions for you and your family so you can visit and experience our sites for yourself before you decide. Enter your email address to get this offer. 
  • A phone-based planning session with our Bookings Coordinator to develop a tailored itinerary for your excursion, including Bendigo Heritage Attractions’ sites and any other Bendigo based attraction that’ll enhance your visit and meet your learning objectives.

Our guarantee to you

Talk to our Bookings Coordinator to plan your itinerary and try our experiences with a free teacher’s family pass to see for yourself what a great school excursion destination Bendigo really is. Best of all, there’s no obligation to book your school excursion through us.

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Who are we


The Trust’s objectives are directly related to increasing the level of year round visitation to all attractions. To achieve this it undertakes activities that entice local, national and international visitors to discover Bendigo and our attractions, to stay as long as possible and encourage their return.


To be the most inspiring heritage story in Australia.


We will preserve, showcase and operate living heritage assets which enrich Bendigo’s cultural soul.


  1. Recognition
  2. Financial Viability
  3. Strong Products
  4. Preserved Assets
  5. Excellent People and Processes


Word Cloud of Bendigo Heritage Attractions Attributes and Principles

 Our Customer Service Charter

We strive to provide visitors with memorable tourism experiences during their time with us.

As representatives of Bendigo Heritage Attractions and the City of Greater Bendigo, we strive to provide visitors with memorable tourism experiences during their time with us.

We aim to listen to visitor’s needs, creating a sincere rapport that allows us to arrange suitable tour packages, and assist visitors throughout their time in Bendigo.

We are welcoming, flexible and open to questions and feedback. We are engaging and friendly while still providing clear directions in a timely manner.

We work as a team, through good communication, to ensure visitors have a seamless experience across all of our tourism sites.


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Bendigo Tramways

Vintage Talking Tram Tour departing from Bendigo Tramways Depot

Take a trip through history aboard a Vintage Talking Tram and discover the oldest operating tram depot in Australia dating back to 1903.

Visit the Tramways website