Who are we


The Trust’s objectives are directly related to increasing the level of year round visitation to all attractions. To achieve this it undertakes activities that entice local, national and international visitors to discover Bendigo and our attractions, to stay as long as possible and encourage their return.


To be the most inspiring heritage story in Australia.


We will preserve, showcase and operate living heritage assets which enrich Bendigo’s cultural soul.


Word Cloud of Bendigo Heritage Attractions Attributes and Principles

 Our Customer Service Charter

We strive to provide visitors with memorable tourism experiences during their time with us.

As representatives of Bendigo Heritage Attractions and the City of Greater Bendigo, we strive to provide visitors with memorable tourism experiences during their time with us.

We aim to listen to visitor’s needs, creating a sincere rapport that allows us to arrange suitable tour packages, and assist visitors throughout their time in Bendigo.

We are welcoming, flexible and open to questions and feedback. We are engaging and friendly while still providing clear directions in a timely manner.

We work as a team, through good communication, to ensure visitors have a seamless experience across all of our tourism sites.

Bendigo Joss House Temple

Bendigo Joss House Temple

At the Bendigo Joss House you can discover more about the Chinese migrants who came to Bendigo in search of gold so long ago.

Visit the Joss House website

Bendigo Tramways

Vintage Talking Tram Tour departing from Bendigo Tramways Depot

Take a trip through history aboard a Vintage Talking Tram and discover the oldest operating tram depot in Australia dating back to 1903.

Visit the Tramways website


Central Deborah Gold Mine

Climbing ladders underground at Central Deborah Gold Mine

Central Deborah Gold Mine is Australia’s premier underground tourist mine experience. Telling the story of Australia’s richest Goldfield.

Visit the Central Deborah website


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