Explore Bendigo

Unearth rich culture in Bendigo, where the old is new, the attractions are authentic and the people are even more so. Bendigo Tramways, the Bendigo Joss House Temple, Bendigo Pottery and the Bendigo Art Gallery have been staples of life here for over 125 years.

Creative souls, foodies, makers, movers and shakers are investing energy into this grand city, making it a destination to add to your bucket list.

A true Bendigo highlight is the range of quality experiences and things to do. Our major attractions are diverse and exciting. With a great emphasis on interaction, our attractions offer enrichment and experiences that will be treasured forever. 

The sense of discovery that was once achieved by striking gold, can now be felt by stepping into any one of the dining treasures in Bendigo. Established restaurants and wineries with great reputations are set amongst new and vibrant eateries, produce shops and vineyards offering innovation and diversity.

Click on the interactive map below to see all of the wonderful parks, attractions, shopping and dining facilities that are easily accessible by tram.

The tram route, and each of its stops, are highlighted in red. Move the map around and click on the icons for more details!

Interactive Map Bendigo

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